Main Session

Identity (led by Garen Forsythe)

We live in an unprecedented age when a whole culture is focused upon personal identity (the finding of an identity or the crafting of an identity).  Yet, a recent survey found that the younger generation struggles more than any previous generation in having a strong sense of identity.  How can this be?  Can we truly construct our own identity?  If not, where can we go to find our identity… an identity that is rooted in something much larger than myself and that will outlast myself?  Does Jesus have anything to say about all of this? Together we will learn how to live from an identity that is secure and unshakable.


Why go to the nations when there is so much need here in America? (Led by Brad and Marci Painter)

Join us to hear more about how the answer to this question has shaped the last 20 years of our lives. We will be looking at the Scriptures and sharing stories of how God’s heart for the world has impacted our lives and the lives of those around us.


Spiritual Disciplines – A personal and public pursuit (led by Brenda White)

Your relationship with Jesus is personal, but it is also public. In this workshop, we will consider a variety of spiritual disciplines and their role in your faith journey.  You will also receive practical tools for use in your daily walk with Christ.


Developing a Missional Lifestyle  (led by Rodney Bartlett)

How do we integrate the Great Commission into our lives so that we can have a lifestyle of proclamation? Can we train ourselves to be faithful to the Great Commission throughout different seasons in our lives beyond college?


Mentoring and Spiritual Triage  (led by Kevin Neuenswander)

As Christians, investing in the lives of other believers is one of our most precious privileges and responsibilities. However, many of us have questions such as, “What does it look like?” and “How do I begin?” We will look at investing in others as soul care and discuss what it looks like in the areas of prayer, listening, the Word, the ministry of presence and of hospitality.


Personal Finances and Debt Management (led by Chris and Carrie Davidson) 

Many students have little idea how much their choices during college affect their financial situation after graduation. Come learn how to begin a lifetime of faithful financial stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to your care.


Conquering Loneliness with Connection: How to fight isolation and detachment with community  (led by James Smith)

While being connected seems to be the mantra of this era, the ways we have pursued connection seem to be only skin deep and completely unsatisfying. During this session we will discuss why we are so lonely and how we have an opportunity to combine classical ways of developing relationships and modern technology to go deeper and stronger in our friendships.


Things I Wish I’d Learned As a Young Leader (led by David Manner)

We’ve all looked back at certain situations, events or relationships with a longing for a second chance to handle things differently. It’s almost impossible to go back and make corrections in most of those situations. But as a young leader you have a chance to get it right the first time – or at least the next time.


A Method for Personal Bible Study (led by Melody Richeson)

The Bible is a rich store of knowledge and wisdom. Its pages are filled with portraits of God and the beauty of the gospel. Do you want to move beyond only devotional reading and learn how to dig deeper into the Bible?

Death could not hold Him: Evidence for the Resurrection in the age of skepticism (led by Jordan Hodges)

Have you ever been told your faith is blind? That there is no good reason for your belief? The truth is, when we give Jesus our heart He doesn’t shut off our brain. Blind faith is not required to be a Christian because there is powerful evidence for our faith. The Resurrection of Jesus is an historical event that is at the very center of our faith, and in this workshop we will explore faith expanding, life changing, hope bringing evidence for the Resurrection of the Son of God.