*2018 Workshop Details Coming Soon*

Shame on You: A Biblical Perspective on Shame (Led by Nathan and Crystal Lenz)

The purpose and focus of this workshop is to help students identify shame and its detrimental effects on individuals and the church. Additionally, we hope to help establish a Biblical foundation for how to confront and respond to shame while working to restore the damage that it has done.


Spiritual Formation & Growth (led by Jim Presnell)

The New Testament vision for the disciple of Jesus is a life of exponential transformation into his character. What does this look like? How do we thoughtfully participate with the work of the Holy Spirit to experience this vision? Jim will address core issues of spiritual formation, using Dallas Willard’s model the Golden Triangle of Spiritual Growth as a guide.


Disciples at Work – Your Vocation and the Kingdom of God  (led by Chad Knudson)

Nearly 85% of the world’s full-time workers are now unengaged in their work according to recent Gallup Research; with many viewing work as either insignificant or a necessary evil for earning a paycheck. Japan’s unengaged workers surpassed 90% and this shocking global trend continues to worsen each year. Should Christ-followers have the same view of work? Does work really matter to the Kingdom, or is work merely a means to pay our bills so that we can do ministry. In this session, we will learn about God’s incredible vision for work from the Bible, discuss real stories and scenarios of how work is connected to God’s Kingdom, and discuss how to prepare for key decisions and challenges in the first few years of work post-college.   


Vision for Biblical masculinity (for men only)  (led by Brian Sturm)

Do you lack confidence in your ability to live like a man in our culture?  The goal of this seminar for men only is to give a biblical vision for masculinity, to address common barriers to this vision, and to give practical helps to grow toward living out this vision of masculinity.


Piercing the Cloak of Shame (for women only) (led by Alex Knudson) 

Ok, let’s be honest, not in a bullish brash way, but a quiet calm way: what gal would want to openly go to a session on shame? Ugh, who would want their name next to the title? Isn’t having even a spark of interest admittance? Reactions to shame can often be placed into what seem to be two opposing forces: “No way. Not me, don’t need it.” and “No way. Not me. I could never.” Or, is it that shame is such a common presence, both large and small in so many people’s lives, that reality is, it can be more of a challenge to figure out how to live this Jesus kind of life without the oppressive cloak of shame that we often use to fight or fidget with? Alex will take an honest look at shame in the lives of women: its shape, its illusive invitation and its well-worn path.  She will create a space for ladies to talk about the things which bring shame and discuss God’s perspective on it.

Building Bridges – A Relational Model for Evangelism  (led by Garen Forsythe)

Many college students struggle in sharing their faith with others.  Most methods of evangelism that are taught feel intrusive, inauthentic, and unnatural.  In this workshop, Garen will share with you the model that they’ve been effectively using in their ministry for the last 27 years.  This workshop will give you a fresh perspective and approach to influencing people with the Good News of Jesus.


Transgender Questions: Responding with Wisdom and Genuine Love (led by Chris Geyer)

This workshop will seek to equip Christians how to think through the complex transgender questions of our day in a biblically faithful manner while offering practical guidance on how to relate to others with wisdom and genuine love.  In 2014, Time Magazine declared that the United States had now reached a ‘Transgender Tipping Point.’ That same year, Facebook went from offering just two gender options to 56, and shortly after, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner became headline news around the world. Christians no longer have the option of ignoring this issue if we are going to be faithful in being ‘salt and light’ (Matthew 5:13-16) to the culture around us.  How should Christians think about sex and gender in a world that celebrates our freedom to choose? 


Postmodernism on Campus: How to Respond with Grace and Truth (led by Christy Moran Craft)

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an overview of postmodernism, to compare postmodern assumptions with biblical truth, to discuss detailed examples of postmodernism on campus, and to imagine ways that Christians can reflect and promote Christ in the midst of it.


Unloved People Groups: How to identify and reach the most unloved among us like Jesus did (led by Jordan Golden)

In today’s modern society Christ followers are often labeled as hypocrites by an unbelieving world. Our greatest answer to this must be the same as the answer Jesus gave: to love all unconditionally. But what does that really look like, and who are the most unloved people in our current culture? In this workshop we will explore these questions, answer them, and provide practical ways of applying what you learn to everyday life.