(this list is a work in progress for 2017)

The Discipline of Confession and Accountability; It does the Soul Good (led by Dick Jacques)
We were not designed to walk this life alone. Confessing/ being accountable to one another is so important for the health of our souls and to maintain a healthy walk with our gracious Heavenly Father and with each other.

Cultivating Curiosity: The Questions Jesus Asked and What We Can Learn from Them (led by Melody Richeson)
In case you hadn’t noticed, Jesus asked great questions. We will look at some of the questions he posed to people and see how we would answer them. Then, we will work on our own skill at asking good questions – the kind that move a conversation forward rather than causing it to come to a screeching halt. If you will cultivate curiosity you will be a person who finds many opportunities to share the gospel (and you will also find friendship all along the way!)

God’s Plan For Membership in a Local Church.(led by Glenn Davis)
What does being a Christian have to do with being a part of a local church? How can I find a good church and what should I look for? How can I keep from being disappointed? We will answer these tricky questions together.

Christians and the 2016 Election (led by Alex Tuckness)
We will explore how we as Christians should think about our role as democratic citizens and seek biblical wisdom for how to represent Christ as citizens, with an emphasis on the challenges posed by the upcoming Presidential election.

A Biblical framework for grey issues (led by Jeremy Krause)
Many Christians say they believe, obey, and trust the Bible. But what do we do when faced with modern issues that the Bible doesn’t explicitly address? There are plenty of grey areas to consider: body piercing, watching rated R movies, driving above the speed limit. Join us as we consider a Biblical framework for addressing grey issues and then apply the framework to the questions of tattoos and smoking weed.

Discussing the Gospel and Race (led by Terry Williams and Earnest Alexander)
A white man from Wichita and a black man from Selma, best friends for 35 years, having a discussion about the gospel and race.

Distressed (led by Kathy Addis)
This workshop is a hands on approach to Psalm 120:1. You will walk away with a reminder of how God rescued them in their distress as well as a working knowledge of a creative wood working technique. Space will be limited to the first 20 ladies to attend this workshop.

Understand Homosexuality in the Kingdom of God (led by Jim Presnell)
Jim will explore biblical premises that can help us construct a theological and anthropological context so we can better understand the nature of gender and sexuality, and specifically, homosexuality.

God’s Design for Marriage: Discovering the WHY while becoming the WHO (led by Haley Williams)
Today’s culture focuses heavily on who to marry but has drifted from the why of marriage. In this workshop we will discuss the why of marriage and how the why affects the who. Come explore God’s design for marriage and the Lord’s intent behind the most intimate human relationship you will ever have. No matter your current relationship status you can be preparing for marriage now and we will explore practical ways to do so.